A matter of energy and space

What is time? What is space? What are quarks made of? What is energy?

My name is Jacob Mulder, I studied astronomy and computer science at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I’m working as a Security & Enterprise Architect and that’s nice, but questions like these have always been at the back of my mind.

What do gravitational waves consist of? What happened exactly during cosmological inflation? What is a field? Why quanta? How do relativity and entropy blend? What is “is”?

In 2002 I wrote down some ideas around these questions and I updated it in 2006. Visits to symposia on the Quantum Universe and on the Information Universe and the work of Erik Verlinde provided additional inspiration and so I updated the document again in 2020.

It’s not my intention to describe “the truth”, certainly not, instead I try to present a number of views and interpretations and try to do so in a logical way. My intention is to start discussions, so feel free to react!

Okay - you’re still reading, so I guess you’re interested. Click here for the document.
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